Not only do we love the deep end of oceans where corals thrive and dolphins says hi, we also have the biggest crush on Earth. Being eco-friendly sits at the top of our commitments and we strive to build our brand in an earth-forward way. And it's true, we are just getting started. All of our designs are made in small batches to ensure high quality and eliminate excess production and waste. Together, we're here to share the details on each of our products –



Sports Bras: Made from 77% Recycled REPREVE® Nylon and 23% Elastane

Leggings: Made from 77% Recycled REPREVE® Nylon and 23% Elastane

Some of the recycled nylon comes from post-consumer waste (carpets, etc), post-industrial waste fiber, yarn collected from a spinning factory, and waste from the weaving mills that can be processed into reusable nylon fiber. Another recycled nylon fiber we have included are re-created from discarded industrial fishing nets.

Sweat Sets: Our Aphyleisure line is made from 100% mixed cotton – our production process emits fewer greenhouse gases as compared to conventional cotton production. 

Tote Bags: The Tokyo Tote is made from 100% cotton – while we know that cotton is a natural raw material and is biodegradable at the end of its life, we understand that we can do better. We're taking strides and working with our vendors to explore sources for more eco-friendly fabrics.




REPREVE® is the world's leading recycled fiber and is made for the good of tomorrow. You may or may not know this but nylon is more difficult to recycle than polyester. And with REPREVE, we found recycled nylon fibers that are perfect for activewear while emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. This makes a big difference for our future. By having REPREVE as our main fabrication, it offers some or all of the following attributes – body enhancing shape retention, perfect compression & resilience, moisture wicking and abrasion resistance. All come in a super soft hand feel. 


Our activewear fabrics are certified GRS. The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions. The GRS is intended to meet the needs of companies looking to verify the recycled content of their products and to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production. The objectives of the GRS are to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims and good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimised. 



All dyes used are from Huntsman Dyes in the US & are OEKO-TEX® & GOTS approved, protecting our planet for future generations. The testing and certification process on which our standards are based guarantees maximum consumer safety. 



It is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

You can be certain that this textile has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. 



Find out more about the STANDARD 100 certification here.



GOTS means the harvesting of raw materials is handled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.



With circularity as our focus in designing the packaging, we were mindful to opt for environmentally friendly packaging – 100% good for the environment and super cute!


Individual packaging:

Our activewear articles are individually packed into 100% biodegradable bags made from cassava starch that decomposes in one day in contact with water or discarded into any landfill.


Plantable Tag:

Our brand tag is printed on plantable seed paper that recycles right into a plant! With assorted seeds pressed in our paper made of natural fibres, it'd be blooming in no time. Find out how to plant our plantable tag here.



Our mailers are 100% compostable both at home and commercially. Let’s break down the material together — it’s a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. With the use of Rethink Packaging, the mailers are designed to disappear within 180 days in a home compost conditions and leave nothing behind, isn't that super cool! 

After you've received your order, peel off the sticky bits that aren't compostable and place the empty mailer in a home compost/commercial compost. If not, you can always recycle it as a mailer if you've got a snail mail to gift a friend! 


Compostable certificates


Tissue paper and stickers:

Our tissue paper and stickers are both made from cellulose fiber where the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. The use of soy inks and cellulose fiber means that the paper won’t leave behind any environmentally harmful chemicals when decomposing. 



Their sustainability mission is very similar to ours as they predominantly use organic fabrics, organic dyes, and bio-degradable packaging. They also have a zero water pollution policy in place. The pattern drawing and planning is computerized so as to make sure that there are minimal scrap fabrics when cutting patterns and any left-over fabric scraps are donated to a local charity where they rework into saleable goods such as mats/blankets.

On top of that, they partner with charities devoted to the welfare and education of women and children. Clothing, education, and all possibilities are provided to give mothers a stepping stone to gain independence and break the poverty cycle. Please reach out to us if you'll like to contribute to these charities. 


The people behind your activewear: 

Their employees are paid well over the minimum wage with an extra month's salary each year and are monitored by the Indonesian Manpower Department with decent working hours and they receive double/triple wages for working overtime. The working conditions are on par with western standards and we can attest to this from our visit to the factory. 


All employees receive free medical insurance which covers doctors' fees, prescribed medication, and hospitalization which is also extended to their spouse and up to three children. Other employee perks include a healthy freshly cooked meal for lunch every day. They have a strict no discrimination policy and no child labor practices. 


Now that there's COVID-19, our manufacturers are working on protective measures such as providing vitamins every day to boost their immunity.