Let's get comfortable


It's okay to leave it on read, we know you're busy. We made a collection to keep you cozy in that daydream for what you'd rather be doing. Our leisure line is designed to keep you company, anywhere.


It's wellness September and we are going green –
Get a surprise Tokyo Tote when you spend above $250!
No strings attached, as always.

HOW TO: Recycle your plantable tags

All you need is a pot and soil + some love and watch me grow! Don’t forget to water me and keep me by the sun. Click for more instructions from our resident plant mom.

Making a difference with REPREVE®

REPREVE® is made by transforming recycled bottles into an amazing fiber that is reliable and durable for athletic wear. In the process of creating REPREVE®, we are also emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy. This makes a big difference for our future.